TaxChat™, powered by EY, offers tax preparation directly to individual US taxpayers

On-demand, mobile tax prep supported by EY tax professionals

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) announced today that beginning January 2020, EY TaxChat™, its award-winning, on-demand mobile tax preparation service, will be offered directly to consumers who are required to file US tax returns. Until now, EY TaxChat has been accessible exclusively as an employee benefit from participating companies.

“Each year, your finances become more complex and, typically, so do your taxes,” said Dina Pyron, Financial Services Partner and Global TaxChat leader at Ernst & Young LLP. “Whether you start your own business, become an independent contractor, earn side income from a rental or shift your lifestyle from being a single renter to a married homeowner with children, preparing and filing your taxes can become time-consuming and confusing.”

EY TaxChat first launched in 2017 as an employee benefit for large US employers. Unlike do-it-yourself tax software, EY TaxChat offers licensed tax professionals who prepare and file customers’ individual US federal and state returns through a convenient digital platform. The new app rolls out with:

  • Mirrored web-to-app interfaces for easy switching between devices
  • Customer service support via both chat and phone
  • Updated functionality reflecting all 2019 regulatory tax changes

How it works

EY TaxChat asks users a few simple questions about their personal circumstances before providing a price quote tailored to their situation.

Customers can easily submit their tax documents by taking pictures to upload through the app on a smartphone or tablet, or by uploading via cloud or computer. In addition, the platform’s chat function allows users to connect to an EY professional to ask questions at any time during the process. The tax return is then prepared and sent to the individual for review and approval before EY files it on their behalf with US state and federal authorities.

“EY has more than 100 years of experience serving the tax needs of some of the world’s most complex companies and successful individuals,” said April Spencer, EY Americas Business Tax Leader. “With EY TaxChat, we can bring EY knowledge, experience and technology to help even more individuals file their taxes with ease and confidence. EY TaxChat gives users the combined benefits of simplicity, convenience and mobility to make it easy for filers to comply with US federal and state tax laws.”

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