6 Reasons to Trust eReleases

Why Use eReleases?

A single article can generate massive traffic and
thousands of dollars of sales.


  • Custom US national PR Newswire distribution
  • Major media outlets
  • Subscribing journalists
  • Reaching journalists, reporters, bloggers, radio, television
  • Real editors, not salespeople


The full story:

1. We’re the only full-exposure, nationwide partner of PR Newswire, the oldest authentic press release newswire.

How that is different? Lots of places try to fake you out by calling themselves a “newswire” when they are not. Here’s another critical point: PR Newswire is dedicated to sending press releases.

Did you know that the Associated Press and UPI newswires use their wires ONLY for content their reporters write? Well they do. They also have services to send other stuff, but here’s the problem: The other material technically gets “sent” but it’s buried deep where journalists under deadline in newsrooms do not bother to look. That’s why we choose to go with a true, dedicated wire for press releases.

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